OVH: the great disillusionment, again and again the same pattern: the price nothing but the price!

Let's say it right away, what happened at OVH doesn't make us laugh at all. But we always come back to : "I want free, cheap and company ...".

At Natexan, with our datacenter installations (LCL in Diegem, Gembloux and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), we have been asking ourselves for years: "But how do they do it at OVH in terms of price? A datacenter with ISO 45001, 14001 and 27001 certification and TIER III approval (such as the one we occupy) is worth its weight in gold. The price of Microsoft licenses is about the same for all resellers, and despite this they manage to offer very low services, and still make money.

With the Strasbourg fire, everything becomes clearer, the data of the unfortunate are really in the cloud now (or in the clouds -clouds-) in vaporized form.
At home: no compromise on security but it comes at a price, are you now convinced that you need to pay special attention to your IT security, to avoid your digital life going up in smoke?
Imagine the impact on the companies concerned:

COVID + E-Commerce site at OVH

In PDF format, download our comparative brochure between the LCL Datacenter and OVH.

Consult us to make the best choice in terms of quality/price.

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