Outlook: When you answer an email, suddenly Outlook appears and you lose the answer you were writing

An important update of Office 365 took place on 10.04.2021.

Some customer feedback this Monday indicates that while writing a reply to an email, suddenly the main Outlook window appears and the reply they were writing disappears. I have also experienced this phenomenon. A bad keyboard/mouse manipulation may be the cause. This has yet to be confirmed.

In my case, I checked the taskbar to see if it was an ALT + TAB keyboard equivalent, I found the draft reply behind the main Outlook window.

This means that the draft reply window loses focus to the Outlook window itself.

Then, if you want, press ALT + TAB, or drag your mouse over the Outlook icon in the taskbar, you may find your draft there.

Below: the main Outlook windows and the draft

To be confirmed.

Pascal Cornet

CEO Natexan - Bel-Armor SA.

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