Belgium: SPF Finances, a computer mole in the network since 2019!

On Tuesday evening, the FPS Finance communicates.

They claim to have been subjected to a network intrusion that would have been brought under control. Nevertheless, this cyber attack looks more like a "mole" lurking in the network since certainly April 2019, according to the information disclosed by the SPF.

A judicial enquiry is underway to determine the origins of the attack.

What seems certain is that the modus operandi and the complexity of the attack indicate that it could only have been carried out by means worthy of a foreign state. We are moving towards a case of espionage. The average citizen can rest assured that the national register is safe and sound. And the rest? Is there only the information from the register at the FPS? Until when?

Safety and the delay effect

Generally, to protect yourself from burglary, you are asked to make sure that you put obstacles between you and the burglars. As time passes, the chances of the burglars moving on to another target increases.

In this case, there is a desire to penetrate a country's systems. Where there is a will, there is a way.

In conclusion, the theft of our data from the FPS and others of which we are not even aware but which is a state secret is only a matter of time. Eventually, it will give way.

Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities

As a reminder, Microsoft has been made aware (was it not aware of its own vulnerability?) of numerous flaws in Exchange servers around the world at the beginning of 2021. Of course, it is up to companies and their IT staff to ensure that their servers are always up-to-date. Of course, this is not an easy task and requires know-how (especially Microsoft training and certification), but it is also a pain because most of the time it has to be done outside office hours so as not to disturb the company's employees. These updates rarely roll out smoothly. But that is the price to pay for survival in this digital world.

At the beginning of March, Microsoft launched salvos of updates to fill the holes. More than two months, an eternity in computing, left the field open to attackers.


The Crisis Committee, the FCCU and the political authorities are on the warpath. After the US and the Colonial pipeline, here we are too, in a state of national cyber crisis. 2020 was the year of COVID-19, we can no longer say that we are bored. Everything is about viruses in the 21st century.

Summer holidays

As a reminder, and as every year, the summer holidays are approaching, the "kits" of the little pirate available for free download on the Darknet, promise us a new wave... of attacks by budding pirates.

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